Gun safes are excellent things to have for any gun owner. They help keep the weapons safe from the environment, ensure the guns are operating properly longer and prevent any unauthorized use. However, as gun collecting becomes a major hobby for many people, the safe can get crowded.

Buying a bigger safe might not be the answer, because, with a little creative organizing, you can maximize your safe and storage space.

Using Gun Magnets

Gun magnets are surfaces that you can stick your smaller handguns too, either on the top of the safe or on shelves, to free up space below for larger guns and ammunition. Just attach the magnets to the surface you want your gun to hang from, and then attach the gun. The magnet is strong so you don’t have to worry about any guns falling off, and it can really free up some space.

Magazine Magnets

Staying on the subject of magnets, if you have more magazines of ammo than you do guns, consider getting magnets for those. They work the same as the gun magnets and can help you keep the different types of ammunition you have organized without taking up too much shelf space.


Gun safe organizer

If your inner Gun safe organizer doesn’t like the idea of using magnets, then you can use hangers that clip to your gun safe’s shelves and allow you to hang your handguns and cartridges of ammo below the bottom of the shelves. You can fit quite a few hangers along the bottom of your shelf, once again leaving the shelf space for your bigger guns.

Use the space you have

There are several different types of storage options that let you use the safe’s shelves and walls to hang the smaller guns, so don’t be afraid to use that space to its fullest. It’s out of the box, but it can be very beneficial.